Reviews for "100% Complete"

Good game. Basic, addictive, entertaining. Dind´t like the music but still great game. I completed the game but I'm having problems with my medals, cause only like 50 are unlocked

NoLanLabs responds:

The game only has 52 medals... maybe you just needed to go through the door at the end?

Was pretty good. Got to search everywhere to get the 100% badge. It was fun look though.

Creative and fun game, totally loved both graphics and sound.
I liked how you made doors within rooms and that you had to look through everything to see what happened!
Although almost too easy, I had fun

Nice job. But I gave up.

Funny game, it does not have to be complex to be good nor entertaining.

For those who complain about the repetitive music, it's just because you like to whine for attention (and that 95% of the Newgrounds is composed of 12 years olds). There is a mute button you morons, you can add whatever floats your boat (probably some dubstep, am I right ?).

Got them all and it's fairly easy, all it requires is patience and a good memory.

Thanks for the game !