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Reviews for "100% Complete"

yay i won! i got them all! >w< that was so fun~ and thanks for the hint on the 100% lol XD that woulda taken me alot longer without that.

Nice game! If it weren't for the goggles I wouldn't have collected half of the badges xD Good Job.

That was AWESOME! Got 100% solo, but it got pretty frustrating towards the end. There's so many different rooms I was forgetting what I had tried, and what I hadn't.

Didn't feel this lag in the first room that everyone is talking about, I enjoyed the game and the concept, minus the additional content behind the door, I felt that it should have maybe been additional percentages behind the door or something, say like, the top Medal being 120%. Regardless, the game was fun and I'm glad that I didn't use the walkthrough.

Gotta love this game! The clear boxy style, good handling, catchy music which lets you punch the keys to beat of it. I enjoyed the surprise moments when you get that there IS more to discover. Did not stopped till I got all. The difficulty was just right for some game fun, not frustrating hours. Also dig the secrets, beautifully detailed drawn and hilariously described. Read them all and smiled at the precise sientific describtions. Sounds like from a science wikipedia. Thank you man:)