Reviews for "100% Complete"

Can't find #14 or #48, aka the eraser and facial tissue. Fun game, wish I could get the last medals though :(

That was AWESOME! Got 100% solo, but it got pretty frustrating towards the end. There's so many different rooms I was forgetting what I had tried, and what I hadn't.

loved it, but like some said, a mapfunction would come in handy ;)

Didn't feel this lag in the first room that everyone is talking about, I enjoyed the game and the concept, minus the additional content behind the door, I felt that it should have maybe been additional percentages behind the door or something, say like, the top Medal being 120%. Regardless, the game was fun and I'm glad that I didn't use the walkthrough.

Superb Game!!!
The animation on stencyl is pretty neat and cool
tHe riddlers were kind of fun really entertaining, but a little easy when you've got the googles, the final two tricks were very well, I didn't expect that.

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