Reviews for "100% Complete"

Nice and simple game... got 100%! After finding the goggles and the propeller, it's so much easier. To get all the secrets, you need to go in every possible direction (even if you have to fall 4 times in a room to find a secret). And yeah, you need to touch the bouncing ball.

good but the googles made way too easy.

also you forget to add how *delightful* is to step on a lego brick with bare foot in the achievement description

Took me about 25 minutes. Loved it.
Hint. Look for the goggles first ;D

Fun, challenging, simple, although I didn't like how it lagged so much but that might just be my computer but other then that 5/5! great game! I liked how i didnt have to use the walkthrough, it kept me on my toes

Nice game, nice style! Found every secret! Please make part 2 :3
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