Reviews for "100% Complete"

Nice game with fun secrets, the power-ups are really helpful for the game because you feel like a rat in a maze.
Minor complain is that the power-ups re-spawn even if you have them, maybe a glitch of some sort.

Took me so much times to understand it haha. Nice games though! Kind of hard, but I love the challenge.

This game brought out my worst nightmares. I originally just thought that they were levels and there were secrets on every level, but when I exited the game with only 4%, and spawned back in the first level I knew something was up. I started pushing on walls, which surprisingly worked. After getting a few more secrets, I discovered the secretception. Sometimes I wish I got the goggles later than I did, but I managed to get 100%. That shit was tough yo.

Great game, but kind of hard. Still fun, though.

Very fun and addicting, good for a quick time killer :)