Reviews for "100% Complete"

Very interesting game. Objects a bit difficult to find but that's what made it fun. Great job!

While just the slightest bit easy and having a problem I noticed. Even though I got the Hat and Sunglasses, when I returned to the rooms in which they are found in, they were still there, noting major, but something to be wary of. I also had a bit of trouble with the controls, having a lot of difficulty going into the rooms that require the propeller hat.

Besides that, the objects and secrets were cleverly hidden, the powerups helped you get even more achievements, adding to the gameplay value and the end was gratifying. While I probably won't be replaying this game, it was a very good one while it lasted. Good Job

That was pretty freaking fun, it kept me thinking how many layers of puzzles are there, it's the right amount of difficulty not hard but not easy.

still 15 to go :D
great game :)

loved it, but like some said, a mapfunction would come in handy ;)