Reviews for "100% Complete"

Meh, I found it to just be OK. I wound up finishing it in about 15 minutes, due to


Finding the X Ray glasses the very first thing. I went left first because I know that's where I would hide stuff, and I fell down the hole and found the secret passage from there.


Anyhow, this game was very easy after that. It didn't hold my attention for too long, but it was a nice time waster nonetheless. I kinda wish more of the stuff would have done more things, and I wish there was more content in general here. Still, for what it was, it was OK. Nothing too new or interesting. SO....

3/5 Stars

Took me a while but i found them all.

Far too addictive!

the game was tricky to find all the medals... but im going to do it very fun game!

i just found the first medal in the game go to the left in the first level

SO AWESOME uve stopped me from being bored to day ive completed the game and got 1002% but how to i get the medals