Reviews for "100% Complete"

Awesome game

No thanks....

Levels seemed exactly the same and the music wasn't too good

Well, i'm 96% complete, but i can already write a review.

A nice addicting game, it can entertain the player for hours searching for the secrets. It may seems difficult the first time, but it get easier as you continue playing it.

Nice job, it surely deserves to be on Newgrounds.

PS: the "Secret #29" item has a glitch. When you return to the room you can see again the item (you can't pick it up though).

This is a great little game. I loved the feeling of joy I got when I found the first passage! Then I started to find the other ones, and I realized how versatile the game was when it came to locations, especially the Dangerous Dave room.

I think this is a great and original entry for Stencyl Jam, and I hope it does well!

You know how to piss me off. Good Job. I completed 78%.