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Reviews for "Reaching Finality"

Good game. I was having fun and thought "You know what this game is really good", until next thing i know im dead in the palace to a cluster f*** and have to restart it all over again. Needs a better save system like i you die in a room you respawn at the beginning of that room not all the way at the beginning of the palace.

not terribly challenging, but good in its own right. music during dungeon was very good.

glad i'm not epileptic tho, bc the boss would have had me foaming on the floor. so...much...flashing, my god.

Pretty interesting. Good difficulty setting and all around awesome tone.

Good game!!

This is a great and fun game and it would be wonderful to see a sequel to it.

I would add some different weapons, a pack to store additional hearts/weapons and different enemies.

But I have to ask: For this game, how many total hearts are there and how many times do you have to hit the main boss until you win?