Reviews for "Reaching Finality"

Well made game, but it lacks of challenge. Gets annoying after defeating lots of foes.

Very good game! Just short enough to be fun, with a great donjon to explore and get lost in, with good graphics and good music. Maybe one little thing to say : no money system and nothing to buy,like bombs or whatever,and no any more equipements to find but the pitchfork? But that might be just my nostalgia of old-school zelda speaking.
It asks for surprizingly sharp reflexes!

Pretty fun, but good lord do you even know what checkpoints are? At least make it so you can restart the final boss from the beginning instead of going through the whole temple in one run each time.

Good game!!

This is a great and fun game and it would be wonderful to see a sequel to it.

I would add some different weapons, a pack to store additional hearts/weapons and different enemies.

But I have to ask: For this game, how many total hearts are there and how many times do you have to hit the main boss until you win?