Reviews for "Reaching Finality"

= May not be Zelda but it's material Looks near t the exact look of the snes version.

Great game ! I love it, it is exactly fo this king of game that I'm on NG...
Cool and fun + humour inside, thus 4,5/5 for me, almost perfect !

For being "constructive", I will just say also in my review that :
- It's just a little short
- There's no other "weapons", or other character that you can eventually help, and that's a pity.
- The Storyline is no explicated enough in my opinion
- A "special attack" with all the hearts would be great (reminds me anoher game, but which ?? :D)

But definitively, you have made a great job, thank you !

I very much enjoyed this game. While it can be considered a flaw with the high difficulty and the restarting of each section of the adventure, the save feature and autosave along with the easy to acquire hearts makes up for it.

nice. as soon as i started the game i immediately thought. "zelda, a link to the past." think about it it looks VERY similar to it even the hearts...

I may be giving higher praise than it deserves, but I had a fun time playing the game. everything up until the castle was basically tutorial. the castle was the most fun and difficult part of the game. the soundtrack felt perfect and the dungeons were fun.

I don't know why people are complaining about this game being too hard and frustrating.The enemies were all pretty easy except for the marshmallows. games need to have penalties in order to motivate you to not die, and this game is obviously emulating zelda. I died a few times too, but the game gives you plenty of chances to collect hearts, just be careful not to lose any. a frustrating game makes the finish so much more satisfying in my opinion.

my one complaint is that the soul you were protecting wasn't really present during the game up until the end. you didn't have a weird aura, or a ball of light hovering over your shoulder, you didn't get a special attack for the soul. I would at least have liked to have seen it once, even at the death screen or something.

in summary, it is a good short game worth playing through.