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Reviews for "Reaching Finality"

Great Zelda Parody!

What a pretentious piece of garbage. You think you're so deep and artsy don't you?

- 2x pixel graphics.
- Generic retro SFX.
- Way too much polish.

What are you thinking coming in here with all that polish? How dare you complete a playable game? Do you think you're better than all the other submitters because you actually took time, consideration and effort? How pretentious can you possibly be? This exact kind of stereotypical indie game is exactly what's ruining the game industry. The worst part is the persistence you put into completing this game and how it obviously shows through the solid gameplay. Disgusting.

Kcori responds:

Thank you!

This may be weird, but i like how your starting screen doesn't have an about or credit option, just the options to start the game. You could have easily done different, but you decided to keep the game about the game, not yourself. for that, 5/5.

Finally a slightly Challenging Zelda Clone. I really liked the rocks. They kept running away, turning around and shooting at me.

its a nice zelda like game but wish there was save function to come back later.

Kcori responds:

There is. Just pause with Enter or P and hit Z to save. I would have told you in-game but I ran out of time, so it's in the description instead.