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Reviews for "Reaching Finality"

Good game. I have noticed however that whenever you leave an area, then come back, all the bushes reset.

This is yet another one of those really weird games. It's not so much that it's bad, it's just hard to understand. That being said, I can still praise this for being creative. It was interesting to see how this game played out. There wasn't a lot of detail, but there probably didn't need to be. I almost felt guilty killing those monsters.

They just seem to be walking around minding their own business. Of course, this is a game with medals! I thought the music was also really calming and serene. In fact, the whole game is really like that. It was also nice to send a good spiritual message.

Good game. I was having fun and thought "You know what this game is really good", until next thing i know im dead in the palace to a cluster f*** and have to restart it all over again. Needs a better save system like i you die in a room you respawn at the beginning of that room not all the way at the beginning of the palace.

The game seems good, unfortunately I die too often because of freezes. Don't know if it comes from the game or from my computer.
And I disagree with Nakrull, the bits of humor you put along the adventure made me smile, it's a pleasant personal touch.

For the most part the game was pretty good. But, when the player gets to the castle... it's total hell. I know a lot of people finished it, but it puts the player at a serious disadvantage to make all enemy attacks do a full heart of damage, making one tiny slip fatal. If you happen to be backed into a corner, there's nothing you can do to save yourself because the enemes don't recoil far enough when hit and they do a ridiculous amount of damage very quickly. I know Zelda did it, but PLEASE don't start players off at the very beginning of the dungeon with ONLY THREE HEARTS. That gives you only three hits, then you're dead once again and have to restart again and again and again. (I remember spending days on dungeon level 9, forced on a twisted version of a 3-heart run) And, if enemies are this incredibly powerful, at least make them either drop hearts more often or give the player WAY more hearts. P.S. The marshmallow monsters were awesome.