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Reviews for "Reaching Finality"

I knew from the menu screen that this was going to be good, and it didn't disappoint!

I wanted to get all the hearts, but I ended up in the boss room before I could. XP

Then on my next runthrough, I could only find 8 total... I'm surprised there are more than that, because I was sure to look everywhere!

Kcori responds:

One's pretty hard to find. You have to be really observant.

its a nice zelda like game but wish there was save function to come back later.

Kcori responds:

There is. Just pause with Enter or P and hit Z to save. I would have told you in-game but I ran out of time, so it's in the description instead.

Superb use of music, and the game-play was top notch.
Any game that allows you to either race to the finish, or slow down and explore for possible bonuses is a good game in my eyes.
I must ask, did you create the menu music? If not, where can I find it? If so, where can I find it? It's a beautiful piece.

Kcori responds:

Thanks! I did make the music. You can download the soundtrack here: http://kcori.com/music/Reaching%20Finality%20OST.zip

Very beautiful and awesome