Reviews for "Reaching Finality"

Very beautiful and awesome

Well u do copy zelda gameplay, but graphics are a bit different, and well such 8bit graphics are widely considered as art, not proprietary design.

Great cute game!

I wanted it to last longer :)
Seedling and Squiliad are also 8bit-like nice games

Very beautiful, although watch out for Ninetndo's lawyers on the whole Link to the past overworld-graphics-thingy. Would have liked a bit more variations in enemies, and also, to have you respawn at the very BEGINNING of the huge castle when being defeated by the boss is nothing short of cruel. Otherwise a very impressive submission.

Kcori responds:

These aren't Link to the Past graphics, so Nintendo would have to have some pretty good lawyers! As others have pointed out, they're closer to Earthbound or Pokemon, but still completely made from scratch by me and not intentionally mimicking anything else. They're also 8x8, as opposed to standard 16x16.

Pretty interesting. Good difficulty setting and all around awesome tone.

yay it says my name in here!