Reviews for "Reaching Finality"

I may be giving higher praise than it deserves, but I had a fun time playing the game. everything up until the castle was basically tutorial. the castle was the most fun and difficult part of the game. the soundtrack felt perfect and the dungeons were fun.

I don't know why people are complaining about this game being too hard and frustrating.The enemies were all pretty easy except for the marshmallows. games need to have penalties in order to motivate you to not die, and this game is obviously emulating zelda. I died a few times too, but the game gives you plenty of chances to collect hearts, just be careful not to lose any. a frustrating game makes the finish so much more satisfying in my opinion.

my one complaint is that the soul you were protecting wasn't really present during the game up until the end. you didn't have a weird aura, or a ball of light hovering over your shoulder, you didn't get a special attack for the soul. I would at least have liked to have seen it once, even at the death screen or something.

in summary, it is a good short game worth playing through.

For the most part the game was pretty good. But, when the player gets to the castle... it's total hell. I know a lot of people finished it, but it puts the player at a serious disadvantage to make all enemy attacks do a full heart of damage, making one tiny slip fatal. If you happen to be backed into a corner, there's nothing you can do to save yourself because the enemes don't recoil far enough when hit and they do a ridiculous amount of damage very quickly. I know Zelda did it, but PLEASE don't start players off at the very beginning of the dungeon with ONLY THREE HEARTS. That gives you only three hits, then you're dead once again and have to restart again and again and again. (I remember spending days on dungeon level 9, forced on a twisted version of a 3-heart run) And, if enemies are this incredibly powerful, at least make them either drop hearts more often or give the player WAY more hearts. P.S. The marshmallow monsters were awesome.

this game is great but it makes me want to blow my brains out. i keep getting stuck in the castle and getting near the end and dying.

Nice game however some things bother me. Mostly the boss. See I liked the boss really but the flashing white light was really painful to deal with and could likely give someone a seizure.
Could you maybe at least put a warning at the end? It was just to painful. Besides that I enjoyed it.

Very beautiful and awesome