Reviews for "Reaching Finality"

This is an absolutely great game. The problem is that when I reload a saved game, I only get three hearts and no pitchfork.

Take The Legend of Zelda, add a good story, awesome gameplay and some love. Result: Reaching Finality. Awesome game, man! Also, I love that Dreamcast-like sound when you press Z to continue.

So, my thoughts are:
Dying and coming back with 3 health - annoying, but not too annoying
Keeping keys and such after dying - awesome
Bats flying through walls - weird, and annoying
Enemies respawning after leaving a room - annoying but helpful for regaining health
Sometimes when you attack it doesn't register - please fix, it makes the boss (especially ping-pong) impossible.
Rooms with a clusterf**k of enemies - ok if there are minimal/no bats and rocks
Also walking to the boss room in a corpse run was painful as all hell, can you please make a checkpoint or summat in the area with the black door?

Now for random stuff:

In the second room with the invisible chest there was a snake in the wall... also in par against monkeybo's comment, getting stuck in a corner is your own fault, I had no problems with it, and plus, you get 2 heart up thingies before you even encounter anything at all annoying...

me gusta el mejor juego de la vida le doy 5 estrellas

Good game!!