Reviews for "Reaching Finality"

Excellent game ! But if possible, i want more information about the story line (very original), more work on the two little character will be great ^^ !

It started out great. I liked the art and the music. The controls were fine.

But then I died on the final boss and was rushed back to the beginning of the entire dungeon.

I just don't have the patience to redo that much playtime.

what the, i can walk on trees and water? mh, i collected five hearts, did i miss some in secret passages? one slug walked on a wall so i could not kill it. and a special attack would be as helpful as an weapon upgrade. and a shield or some spell or so. oh, and more dungeons (maybe you make a sequel with sidequests and /or a shop?).

Great game ! I love it, it is exactly fo this king of game that I'm on NG...
Cool and fun + humour inside, thus 4,5/5 for me, almost perfect !

For being "constructive", I will just say also in my review that :
- It's just a little short
- There's no other "weapons", or other character that you can eventually help, and that's a pity.
- The Storyline is no explicated enough in my opinion
- A "special attack" with all the hearts would be great (reminds me anoher game, but which ?? :D)

But definitively, you have made a great job, thank you !

Bats should not be able to fly through/over solid walls to get to you. Also, fix the diagonal controls (e.g. using up and right at the same time) because it will keep walking along the diagonal for half a second after you let go.

Kcori responds:

The diagonal controls work fine for me and everyone else I've spoken to and watched play the game. There's nothing in the game's programming that would make that happen either. Unfortunately, I think it's something on your end.