Reviews for "Reaching Finality"

The gameplay was alright, the graphics were simple and music was nice. Overall 3.5.

its a nice zelda like game but wish there was save function to come back later.

Kcori responds:

There is. Just pause with Enter or P and hit Z to save. I would have told you in-game but I ran out of time, so it's in the description instead.

let me just start off with this game sucks.
however, it definitely had some nice things to it. it was smooth and solid, and it had a creative little plotline to it. unfortunately the controls were pretty bad and for being so short, it didnt have much gameplay depth.
its definitely a good start.

better then zelda :P

Beautiful game... it has an aura similar to that of Earthbound, what with the paranormal element, the graphics, and the light humor. It does get monotonous very quickly, though.