Reviews for "Reaching Finality"

When i want to play Zelda i put on my N64..
Too boring and repetative. The sounds were annyoing too.

This is like the country cousin of Link's Awakening - good concept & theme

Good game. I was having fun and thought "You know what this game is really good", until next thing i know im dead in the palace to a cluster f*** and have to restart it all over again. Needs a better save system like i you die in a room you respawn at the beginning of that room not all the way at the beginning of the palace.

It's a good game, well made with interesting environments, some pretty hard gameplay and some fun elements. The plot could have been better, but that's not really any problem for a flash game. It was enjoyable and the enemies were varied, even those damn bats.

But... it's ridiculous in its difficulty. You gave us no warning that saving inside the dungeon was pointless, so I wandered for half an hour, reached the boss, got spanked, and that was that. Half an hour wasted. I'm not playing through that again.

Consider resetting to the start of the level on death rather than the frankly absurd resetting of half the game, and also remember that as there is backtracking involved, try not to swamp the end points with enemies - a lot of the time, I re-entered the room to find myself covered in bats and those rock monsters, with damn little all I could do about it but watch as they removed all my hearts. Perhaps turn off the respawn, or create more safe areas around the doors.

I'd also like to see more weapon versatility, like some form of throwing weapon? But it was well made, just a little too infuriating to play through.

Kcori responds:

You're supposed to restart at the start of the dungeon, but you don't have to get all the keys or hearts again or unlock any doors. I don't know if you noticed that or not, because it makes re-reaching the boss a lot quicker.

The music was nice and the graphics were straightforward.
The gameplay, however felt quite bland. There only thing to upgrade was the hp, and you're stuck with a melee pitchfork for the whole game.

It was nice that you can walk diagonally... but you can't hit diagonally? How does that make any sense? Is it that much harder to code? If it didn't matter, I wouldn't complain. But it does matter because the bats fly through walls all the time. I HATE bats.

Only being able to save your location at the beginning of the palace was infuriating, since it took me several tries to beat the final boss. It is way too fast the third time he does the bouncy ball thing (esp if he spawns near the center), and is made far worse because the atk button fails ~ 10% of the time. Again, normally this wouldn't matter, but when you have to return the ball 10 times in a row, 10% failure turns into 65% failure. Suddenly, the 9 hearts just isn't enough.

For those who are after the medals, there are 9 hearts; 6 are before the palace. One of the palace hearts is in a room that can only be accessed by walking through a wall. It's in a long horizontal hallway, and it's obvious where it is if you look at the floor.