Reviews for "Reaching Finality"

I forgot to go on a path before the final challenge, when i loaded the game it took me to the beggining of the dungeon, screw this.

The game wouldn't let me advance the first dialog box. =/

Kcori responds:

Did you press Z? If so, that's strange.

Average, but gameplay is like the old zelda games. But the one thing that messes with the storyline is that if the character is trying to get to the afterlife...couldn't I just have made him commit suicide?

Kcori responds:

How would a spirit commit suicide? It already died, and instead of going to the afterlife, it was trapped on Earth.


I'm very pleased that I came across this game, as I found it to be one of the more enjoyable Flash game experiences I've had in a while. The comparisons to Zelda and EarthBound are certainly valid, although in some ways I enjoyed this game more than both of those. Something I particular enjoyed was the music; I found that the music contributed to an overall sense of calm and pleasantness even in the game's more frustrating moments. I also enjoyed the game-play, as well as the story in contrast to the visuals... almost like Harvest Moon meets Secret of Mana.

I really wanted to give this game a perfect score, but, as others have mentioned, there is the issue of difficulty. Some of the enemies are obviously frustrating. The bats are about as annoying as any flying enemy in games of this type, but the rock-spitting creatures, to me, were uniquely frustrating. They're not completely unmanageable, however, and in several areas I think less of them would be sufficient rather than a complete change to their design.

Of course, as others have said, the save system is the most frustrating aspect of the game, but really only in the palace area. Although I wish that I could restart in the room I died in, I think that the palace is small enough that it's not completely unreasonable to start back at the beginning. However, I find it infuriating that I cannot save at the boss level, and knowing that I'll have to start back at the beginning after being killed by the boss really makes me just want to quit playing. To be honest, this one aspect is really the only reason I feel that this game doesn't deserve a perfect score.

Despite this rather large flaw, overall the game makes for a very pleasant experience, and I think it deserves a try from everyone.