Reviews for "Macrocosm"

ITs funny how even when you say that you rushed things, your animation is still awesome as all hell. The music was amazing and the whole idea was freakin sweet. MOARRRRRRRRRR

I give it a 10/10. The music was nice. The animation was smooth. You told a story without using any dialog. I give you props. Great job. I say keep up the great work c:

It's deep and I love everything about it especially the part where he's carrying all those Earths showing all the weight that's on his shoulders when he shuts down the stabilizer of what looks like a hadron colider I give it a 10/10

This is a stunning piece of work, sir! The theme is quite apparent, and beautifully executed. The graphics, you need not worry about them, are just fine. The musical score is very suspenseful, yet tranquil, which adds to the animation as a whole. The protagonist's emotions are done very clearly, and the animated motions are done quite fluidly. If anyone deserves to be pushed ahead in this round of NATA, I do believe you are one of them.

For a "rushed" animation, this is still very impressive, none-the-less. The idea of holding the entire fate of the world in one's hands is quite daunting, indeed. And the whole thought of a macrocosm, infinite worlds inside of each other, is very fascinating. I was amazed at how well you executed the "Butterfly Effect" theme into it, in the end. To think, something as small as pulling a plug would cause an infinite number of worlds to vanish from existence. Truly astonishing.

I am very sorry to hear that your website was attacked, and I hope it is back up soon. I look forward to more animations from you, sir. You have incredible talent!

Sorry I forgot I was on my alt account when writing that.
Wow...This movie blew my mind.

After months of forgetting to update Flash, I finally saw your wonderful production.
Tbh, my brain couldn't get the full picture of what was going on, til I read the description.

The music sounded very gleeful, yet sounded like it had an intellectual backdrop to it
(if that makes sense).
Sir, if this really isn't your best work, then I thirst to see what else you can make. :)
You have great animating skills, & this movie I watched had an amazing/epic plot to it.

Overall: 9/10
Score: 5/5