Reviews for "Macrocosm"

Haha, I loved it. It was very appropriate for the times, in my opinion (considering the still fairly recent news of the Higgs Boson). I notice that you've improved quite a bit in your anatomical construction. The angles and proportions of the character remained fairly consistant. It's also good that you're still pushing forward with 3D animation, as well.

Still though, something seemed to be missing from this, and I can't quite put my thumb on it. Perhaps, I think, it's that your message and overall plot aren't as clear as with past movies. I'll admit, I was confused at times as to what was supposed to be going on.

Don't let that bug you much, it's still a very strong entry for the competition, and test-object will have his work cut out for him this time around.

Pahgawk responds:

Well, I think my creativity's pretty much spent these days, and I had to force myself to work on this one. Knowing test-object, I don't think I'll get through this round, but I think that it might be a good thing. I think I'll be able to make better movies after taking a break.