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Reviews for "Yotam & Fantasia 06"

Oh my gods! It all makes sense now! I didn't notice until now, but you cleverly put it into animation and all the pieces finally fell together.

You sly boots!


good show.
but what i noticed... she said this is 2010...
is that like a hint that this flashes are old ?

LazyMuffin responds:

No, Max said that as a joke. This was recorded in 2012.

I bet animating people who just stand in one place is much harder than it looks. XD lol jk, but seriously, love the random humor, and I'm a big fan! ^_^

Wow, those girls were out of control and not in the good way either. One of the few times two girls appear in your dreams and your glad afterward that you weren't touched.

This plot is a pretzel. Nice.