Reviews for "The Malteserz - Pilot "

The animation itself was good, but everything else was so, so boring.
Jokes weren't funny and all those crazy sound effects made it very hard to watch, in my opinion.
Get a better story, funnier jokes and maybe some English voice actors and try again. Haha.

this had so much potential. the art is there. animation wise this movie is really good, the downside is the bad jokes and the SUPER CHEESY sound effects that are suppose to let us know "that was a joke"

all this needs is a solid plot and better jokes, maybe more physical comedy. like the old guy dancing, you could have had him doing some more ridiculous moves, something that an old guy wont do like the splits or something.

what language do they speak??? and nice animation!!!

Awesome animation. let me know if we could collab on the storyline and dialogues.

Everybody was the same amalgamation of every seth mcfarlaine archetype. Characters were bland. Even the family guy art style was copied.

I have to say, very unoriginal, uninspired and not very entertaining.

I will say however that from an actual animation standpoint this was actually pretty good. I'd even go so far as to say impressive.

My advice would be to get an original idea or hire more writers and put other perspectives in a collaborative work.