Reviews for "Tanooky Tracks"

All i say is i liked this game, i REALLY liked this game. you should make more like this.

I really love this game. The plot, the style, the riddles... It was a really great experience and I'd love to see more like it!

I had to replay to work out why the object I'd used had convinced Puerta to reveal herself (hadn't noticed that part of the clue before) and the third part of Grilos' clue looks like "hates being in first" rather than "hates NOT being in first", but those aside it all made good sense and is a BRILLIANT game!


Awesome game. I love the characters and the riddles were challenging but not impossible :)

Super Awesome Game! I love Point n' Click Games, specially the difficult ones, and I have to say the riddles were very challenging, just the way that I like, keep it up bro, keep doing this kind of games, or maybe a second part, I dunno. 5/5 Stars

P.S: I'm so happy right now, I passed the game without cheating, though it took me like 2 hours to complete it

5 stars for making me feel smart :)