Reviews for "Tanooky Tracks"

Very good game. I loved the riddles, very amusing, and not too easy or too hard. And the art is quite nice too.
Two suggestions:
- Make the coins a bit easier to find. They are not impossible, but takes some time and the player might lose interest.
- Give some clue that you can go up to the next rooms by clicking in the edge of the screen, I spent 5 minutes searching for stairs, arrows or something to get to a different place.

Anyways, great game!

Nice little bugger!

I like it! Nice clean graphics, great exposition and introductory tutorial, game play is smooth and elegant, and the music paints the perfect atmosphere of "inquery" (seeing as how this is a game in which the player will often wonder "hmm what happens if I click this?")

My only beef is that the riddles could possibly be placed in an easier accessed spot so I won't have to view the tutorial every time.

Good game!

One of the best games i've played on new ground so far. Made me think (:

This was a really good game, with very well-designed puzzles. Like others said, there is an item glitch. Thankfully, it correct itself when you pick up an item, but I wonder what would happen if there were no items left to pick up?

Also, it would be nice if you made it easier to see how to go up a floor in the beginning. It took me a couple minutes to realize that it was at the top of the screen.