Reviews for "Tanooky Tracks"

this game was amazing,the monsters were just too funny

This was an amazing and beautiful game! The music was great and catchy! Very fun to play and quite challenging in some parts! Overall a wonderfully made game!

awesome game i wonder if theres any other games like this one

bleh, someone give me a bit more of a hint how to get sockit? he's the last one I need to find and its really annoying that I can't seem to do anything. looking at the hints tells me he's in the t-shirt that says "I rock" but I can't figure out what to do next. I keep clicking on the thing that looks like a vacuum cleaner next to the computer on the second floor, but nothing happens

The artwork was awesome, but I was really looking forward to more of an adventure game. With that said, I usually hate hidden object games, but I actually finished this one. The whole riddle thing was fun, and I liked the sounds of approval you got after finding each tanooky (very rewarding). However, as another reviewer has said, the ending is very anticlimatic. A little more background on the situation would have been nice, but overall this was a fun game.