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Reviews for "The Lego Knight Rises"

Can I just say...whoa. Awesome. and pure WIN.

Not bad, but not great. The mouths could have used some movement and the video is grainy. Pick up some tips for better lighting and you'd have this down pat. Although this was a little less choppy then most Lego animations. I don't know if this belongs on the site or not due to it not being a proper flash film. Meh, gj so far mates.

That was very well done, and I'm sure took a lot of time to make. :)

Great stop motion animation. Bane's head seemed a bit odd but it was custom made so I didn't care it seemed odd. The bridge blowing up looked like water falling if you watch it it looks like the bridge disappeared and then it just shows the flash. Also as a final thing to say make a kickstarter so you can make the whole film! I would watch it or maybe even buy it (after I see the live action movie of course.).


RyderOmega responds:

A kickstarter for the whole film? Wtih almost 40 hours of work for 2 minutes and 20 seconds of animation, imagine the ratio of time that is to the actual film.

No amount of money can sway our laziness to recreate the entire two and a half hour film. That is, unless the price is right. ;)

amazing lego movie i would look forword to see this and the movie come in to the top 10 so try your heart out