Reviews for "ShapeFit"

VERY well made game. I like that you kept it simplistic. 5/5

Great puzzle game with extreme variations in difficulty. However, there are three problems that I found:
1. If you use the hint and then leave the level, the half that was filled in disappears, so you have to start all over.
2. While the music isn't bad, it would be nice if you could add another track or two.
3. I've only received meals for the packs that I completed today. I've beaten all 100 levels but only have medals for Nature, Pattern and Bonus. Do I have to clear my data and play the others all over again to get those medals?

Love the game, and is it suppose to save our progress?
If it is, well it didn't for me.
If it isn't I suggest adding that feature because now I have to restart the entire game.

this look realy simply but is realy exciting and full of variable dificulty

Very challenging and entertaining lol nice game :D