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Reviews for "ShapeFit"

Logotype metal doesn't seem to be working but the others so far and the ones after seem to. I've yet to finish patterns or the bonus pack or animals. The octopus is tricky.

I've been returning to this game every night for three days. That's how addictive it is.

If you have made this into an Iphone app, I bet it's selling well.

Art is simple, modern and clean....Game play is awesome.

Could have done with more hints but with less of the puzzle solving half of it's self. It made even the real stumpers too easy. ( I ran out of hints at octopus. lol. Had I not carelessly blown them simply to advance I wouldn't be cussing out calamari.)

Love it. hope to see expansions and such in the future.

Honestly Im going to give it a higher rating than I wish to because I couldn't get through the letters so its only fair. The numbers are a nice intro but jeez, all 26 letters? You could have at least made them artistically designed so it wouldn't have gotten so repetitive. Even making it so you could access any pack at any time would have made it more acceptable

It seems that medals don't work. Is this true?

An interesting game, lovely and simple,cbut it gets tedious after a while. What really puts me off is the fact that you can't save. I got half way through and when I reloaded all my progress was gone :/

great game