Reviews for "Moonlight"

Stunning graphics and very nice relaxing music. But this is a game. I didn't feel this was something I would play even for five minutes. In other words, it got boring very quickly. I suggest that this kind of style could belong to a platformer with a romance/relationship storyline. But still a great effort for only one person.

Wasted time good game but i made 700k and the 400k medal doesnt unlock, the score says error unable to load scores. Its boring play this game for nothing.

Almakos responds:

Oh....sorry to hear that.
I have no limit for scoreboards and medal should work, because I have acquired it myself in a right way through the game.
I guess something just didn't work out on the NG side...
Sorry again and thanks for playing and sharing your feedback.

700k,...such a waste of score..sorry about that

half star for the beautiful music

wheres the damn quality button!? shit wont play except the annoying piano music which is too freaking loud o_O

Almakos responds:

Decreasing quality settings won't help, because all graphics are raster images.
As for the loud music, there is in-game mute button.