Reviews for "Moonlight"

It was really pretty. My only complaint is that I opened the leaderboard and then couldn't get it to close again until I reloaded the page.

Almakos responds:

oh, thanks for feedback, I'll try to fix that.

Really nice game.
The visuals and music are amazing.
I really hope you can apply this to a point and click game like Alice is Dead.

The game is simple but requires loads of precision and timing, and I'm not good at that stuff.
Still I managed a bronze medal.
I suppose an easy way to score points is to get the lanterns to snag between the tail and the body of the big fish but also risky as you could lose the entire stream of lanterns in one shot if you miss.
Good work anyways, waiting for more.

Almakos responds:

Thank you! More to come ;)

absolutely a gorgeous game ... moon light sonata really was a fantastic choice .. good work .. :)

Almakos responds:

Thank you, happy to hear this =)

This game is cute and is done whith Moonlight Sonata on the background, which makes all the difference for me. You could have further developed little beaver's story, but the game is really nice. Very simple, but beautiful.

Almakos responds:

Thank you for this kind review.
Little Beaver's story has just begun =)
Sure we'll see lots of his fun adventures.
Thanks again =)