Reviews for "Moonlight"

Wasted time good game but i made 700k and the 400k medal doesnt unlock, the score says error unable to load scores. Its boring play this game for nothing.

Almakos responds:

Oh....sorry to hear that.
I have no limit for scoreboards and medal should work, because I have acquired it myself in a right way through the game.
I guess something just didn't work out on the NG side...
Sorry again and thanks for playing and sharing your feedback.

700k,...such a waste of score..sorry about that

cool little game, but the how to lvl has a death spot. If you drop lanterns on the middle of the top fish you gain points so fast that it lags up and breaks the game.

Almakos responds:

Amazing find! Who could have guessed =0
Thank you for pointing that out.

eh it was ok :D

the moonlight sonata is such a wonderful touch, especially in music box form.... if you had the stars moving on he title screen instead of stationary it be amazing...... i haven't even played the game yet but so far u made this kind of impact on me.

Almakos responds:

Thank you for a feedback and suggestion. Time to add shining starst!

Pretty thing, yeah. Good work, really!
Loved the music and it looks really really amazing.

Almakos responds:

Really really thank you =)