Reviews for "Moonlight"

it is ok. i rate it highly because it does what it does well. unfortunately, that thing isn't too engaging. i'm sure that simplicity works fine for those who desire it, but i think that even in a nice artsy game like this one, some degree of depth should be present. i also rate it highly because it is very pretty, and the atmosphere is a good embodiment of 'moonlight sonata.' the overall ambiance of the scene is compelling. 4/5

Almakos responds:

Thank you,
will do my best to add some depth with next release.

um jogo bastante smples mais muito deivertido e viciante...um otimo jogo!

Almakos responds:


Definately a beautiful game. People may find it boring, but it's better than those violent and bloody games. I'm a true nervous wreck, and with this calmative theme song, this game was better than any shooting.

Almakos responds:

Thank you for the review :D
Yep, I was trying to make something casual and relaxing. Even though Newgrounds is a nice place to find some really hardcore games. Still I hope people will find time to play relaxing games like Moonlight as well. =)

This game is perfect! I love how its slightly haunting yet so relaxing. The melody is beautiful and compliments the game perfectly :D I could play it all day...it's amazing :')

Almakos responds:

Thank you for this kind review.
Already working on the second part ... or something like that =)

I really liked this game, probably because I just found it to be so unique. It's a short game in itself and it doesn't really take a lot of thought. I am still very impressed at people who manage to get far in this game. I assume it's mostly luck. The graphics were freaking gorgeous in this and so were the sounds. I just loved the little pitter patter of the light stuff bouncing off the fish.

It may not have much detail, but it doesn't need to have it. It's just a nice, simple game that is wonderfully designed. Everything about its design was fantastic. My only complaint is that it did get a tad boring at times. Of course, with practice, everything becomes easier!

Almakos responds:

Thank you for the review.
You described exactly what I was trying to achieve with it =)

P.S. I have no idea myself how one can score those millions, that seemed impossible to me...