Reviews for "Moonlight"

Wow What a nice little game :) Reminds me of Avatar, when everything turns neon- colored at night :3 Also, is that a music- box version of Moonlight Sonata by Beethoven?! :O It sure is beautiful <3

Almakos responds:

Thank you.
The instrument I've used on midi is called Orchestra Celesta.

Very soothing and just pleasant. Quite beautiful as well. Well done

I like the Style, the grafik. i like the music. Its so relaxing. But the game itself is a little boring.

Very mellow and soothing game. The sounds and music are perfect. The flow /transition of the boat could be smoother, and the start screen polished a bit. Just me nitpicking. Excellent time killer. Lovely art.

Pretty good short game. The high score screen did get stuck when I tried to ESC from the main game play to the menu.