Reviews for "Moonlight"

There's more depth to this game than most people realize.

Almakos responds:

Cannot argue with that =)
Thank you.

This game would not amuse most people on Newgrounds because it lacks action, excitement, and lively entertainment...

The world this game creates is very interesting. The realm this little light-ghost ship exists in makes me curious as to where you got your inspiration from.

The music sways in and out, like a melody should for a relaxing game.

The style of play itself isn't completely new, but you executed it extremely well, realizing that it is kinda boring, turning the style in to more melodic.

Game made me very sleepy, which can very therapeutic (Especially if I need to baby sit my nieces and nephews)

The game takes little effort to play, making it very relaxing and calming, fitting in with your games style.

The fish look cool, and the lanterns dropping are like little rain drops, needing to land on leaves.

Mechanics are very smooth, and there are little tricks here and there.
I disliked...

Lack of level change... I feel this would optimize your games overall presentation.

The trick was a bit too easy to find after a half hour of twiddling around with

And I wish you included some more tracks. Nothing wrong with the current one, but again, could optimize your game to a larger crowd.
Now this is not going to be a game for everybody, especially the much more lively crowd of Newgrounds.

But I feel, this game deserves a lot of people's attention, and should not be rated a bad game due to it lacking an action packed sense. However Almakos, your inability to appeal to everyone cannot make your game perfect, so you will receive a 5 and 4.5

Almakos responds:

Thank you for this wonderful and detailed review.
The realm is based on memories of main character when he was small. A bit dark, mysterious and slightly magical. As everything appears to be when we are small =)

I have noticed many complain about lack of content and levels, but this is my very first game, so I've decided not to bite off more than I can chew and start with something easy and achievable.
Now it is a perfect opportunity to expand gameplay and content. Lesson learned, next part is in the works :)

Thanks for playing and for the review.


I love the Moonlight Sonata and the art, but as soon as I realized there was only the base level, I was disappointed.

Almakos responds:

Sorry about that, but it will be dealt with in the next part for sure :)


Great game with beautiful relaxing music.