Reviews for "Moonlight"

wheres the damn quality button!? shit wont play except the annoying piano music which is too freaking loud o_O

Almakos responds:

Decreasing quality settings won't help, because all graphics are raster images.
As for the loud music, there is in-game mute button.

Music is gorgeous! Such a romantic game.

i really love this, it's relaxing and intresting on the same time.
the music is perfect and the colours are amzing! i'm verry happy :)

Almakos responds:

I am also verry happy, that you liked my game :)
Thank you.

the soothing fits into the game perfectly, it's calm nature blends in with the short story you created, the lanterns, the fish, all of the colors and elements just fell perfectly into place, very relaxing though a bit complicated to grasp at first and the secret medal was chewing me up, until I earned it, very nice touch, keep it going, don't make a sequel to this, it's perfect as it is, though I ask you to make more games in the same philosophical inspiration.

Almakos responds:

I hope I will do it right in continuation (I need to make tiny bit of character development for the future use). Got couple of nice ideas how to keep the pace, yet add a couple of tricks to deepen the experience.
Thank you for playing and this inspiring review :)

A very good first attempt with simple and stable game play. A little bit of depth for those who want to be philosophical but simple enough where it's not forcing it on people and the game looks very nice and polished graphically. The music does well to set the subdued wonderment I believe you were going for. Have my five stars, they don't come too easy but for the well rounded quality of the game on your first try, you deserve them. Just work on the story a little if you decide to do a continuation.

Almakos responds:

it is real pleasure to read your review :D
I will do my best on the second part's story and gameplay.