Reviews for "Moonlight"

MOONLIGHT, uh!? Hm... Cool name for a boat! Also great idea for a game Congrats @Almakos. But in games like this is a 'but'. So BUT if you play in this game at night game is going monotonous and getting sleepy from reassuring sounds effects. As a reassuring music with angelic voice will be preatty GOOD, but as a sounds, well...- No. Sorry! Plus is for that, that you add 9 Medals. This is Biiig + ;P Btw, to all of wievers- If you listening to the Ressuring Sound over and over again, you unlock one of the medals.
Cheers, Strength and Honor, and Saalome...

Almakos responds:

Thank you, I will do something about sfx to smooth the experience.
-"Cool name for a boat!" lol :D

keep up the good work

wasd to move people.

Almakos responds:

Unfortunately not in this one. But I will definitely add this in the second part.
Thank you!

Curses! Working on Empty Lantern and I was on my last set of lanterns, and I hit a fish T-T
Rather addicting though, I'm gonna keep trying.

Almakos responds:

Yeah, that one may get a little tricky, but I have earned numerous empty lanterns when testing. So it is absolutely possible. Highly depends on initial fishes mood. Hit "R" several times until you are satisfied with their movement and then it will be easier to get Empty Lantern.
Good luck! =)

A very beautiful game.

Simple in layout yet very elegent too!

I didn't see any "freezes" in the game when I played. I think you got the bugs worked out.

Almakos responds:

Thank you! =)
I did manage to reduce freezes a bit on slower systems (5 to 15 FPS performance gain if to compare to version 1.3). But seems impossible to make a lighter game at the moment.