Reviews for "Moonlight"

This game seems to be pretty soothing, like it was made to be played when you are down in the dumps. I like the cute visuals that this game has; they are simple, yet dark and calm like the moon herself. I also appreciate the rendition of Moonlight Sonata that you included. However, this game could stand to have more in it, maybe various levels. It can get boring, but maybe because there is not much going on when you play. But, you've probably heard all of this already.

Stunning graphics and very nice relaxing music. But this is a game. I didn't feel this was something I would play even for five minutes. In other words, it got boring very quickly. I suggest that this kind of style could belong to a platformer with a romance/relationship storyline. But still a great effort for only one person.

i like this game music sound

but game not interesting

3 stars for the beautiful relaxing music and great concept of the game, NOW to teat this game apart. First of all there were not a lot of fish and without and other maps of bigger fish or even some simple upgrades, it got boring VERY quickly... sorry friend but 3 stars is all this game is worth

Almakos responds:

it's OK. this was my first try =)
I was trying not to bite off more than I can chew. Thanks for playing :)

half star for the beautiful music