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Reviews for "A Tale of Colours"

I love this game, because it shows itself as a very keen, fun, quirky, adventurous platformer. The music in this game is very beautiful, giving the player a calm, serenic atmosphere. I love how the game is reminiscent of Great Cave Offensive from Kirby Superstar, in which you collect treasures scattered around the game.

Our main character is another silent protagonist, but that's not really a bad thing. After all, it shows her as a quiet but brave adventurer looking for treasure. The people in the town aren't necessarily memorable, but they make interesting small talk and tell you about the Cave up ahead. What's memorable are the constant gnomes, who although only appear for a portion of the game, are very weird and charming as you explore their "gnomeship". The Almighty Spirits are fun too, what with their ability to teach you new skills (and mess up, as seen by the F.I.S.T. teacher).

The game is colorful and pixelated: Two traits that I definitely give a plus to. It's also open-ended in the way you explore, but not too linear or straightforward. This is good for players like me because too many false pathways leads to confusion and too linear doesn't give an "exploration feel".

Coin races in this game are fun as well. They give the player a challenge to try to collect all the coins before the time is up. Of course, some can be a pain to collect (such as the Creepy Tree's coins) but the timer's pretty forgiving and not a "every second counts" kind of ordeal.

The only negative thing I have to say is that the controls sometimes feel a bit buggy, such as jumping to another destination and the game starts to "weird out" a bit, but that's minor compared to how wonderful the gameplay/idea is. With fun treasures to find, solid races and powerups, and quirky secrets and dialogue, this game is an easy 5 stars, begging the question: When is the sequel (with our "Hidden Legend")?

Most fun game I've played in while now. :D

a got most of the medals and everything went smoothly. Had no problems with the controls and it loaded quickly.

I think I've found a glitch. When you glide on the water slopes, instead of your character falling downwards, they'll "fall" upwards before gliding upwards for a couple of seconds.

Regardless, this is a great game. Love the Zelda reference.

Pretty great all-around. I found all but one of the treasures before finishing the game, I might go back to try and find that last one.

Had a metroidvania feel to it, and in my opinion, that is the BEST feeling a game can have, even in one as short as this.