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Reviews for "A Tale of Colours"

Great game. There was a bug that trapped me in between the walls in the cave but i escaped after jumping around in the corner a bunch of times. I collected all medals but one. What's the secret medal? I gave you five stars so help a brutha out.

Its a great game and concept, but like people have said there are bugs. I will overlook those with my score since the game is just so great. I would like to state that yes, there does seem to be a bug where the terrain and sprites are outlined along with hit boxes after you enter the gnome airship. However, they do not seem to appear every time, but they do persist after leaving the ship. As far as the flying upward glitch, I don't know what to say since it happened to me in the cave and not near water. Finally, the save lag glitch doesn't so much seem to be from saving, but from pressing up near a save point and then anywhere else afterwards for some time. The saving lag bug does not seem to persist for long but does seem to be able to recur. Five stars for you for a combination of great game play and nostalgic artwork.

P.S. I have no comment for sound and music since i usually play games on my computer with the sound off, so I'm sorry for the lack of input there.

seems like an interesting game, and was for the time i played it, but it could be better.

- the movement is really annoying; it's super slow to just walk and its faster to just jump everywhere.
- after the gnome ship there are lines around everything... hitboxes?
- the disappearing branches are really hard to see, especially when they're half hidden by the foliage e__e
- i dont know if it's just me, but what's the point of the save points if you have to jump through everything again just to get back to your previous spot? sure its nice not having to go and hit all the gongs again, but it'd be nice if we could spawn at our previous save point....

I played this when it was still in under judgement, but the medals weren't working yet, which I was fine with since this game was fun enough that I thought I would like it just as much the second time around. nope. The game is filled with bugs now compared to before. The biggest problem is the hitboxes showing up after going to the airship.

For the people that don't like it either, here's some help: Keep playing until you get to punch stuff, save it, and then refresh. I say that because you HAVE to go through the airship to get to the high spot to continue with the game. When you refresh/come to the page, and start playing, you always start at the title area and not where you last saved it.

Minus one star for becoming infested.

I want to give this game a good grade, and i will, in a certain measure, because this game is really original, funny and and fun to play. However it bugs a lot. I can see the hitboxes of everything, and i get stopped by invisible walls. I ll wait for this game to be fixed before giving it my final grade, as I think there is a lot of potential here.