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Reviews for "Overhaul"

good graphix, good concept. a little bit similar on kings guard)

fantastic game.
a couple of thoughts though.
when you reach the later levels, the play area is far too small for the amount of blocks you have. perhaps expand the playarea as the levels progress or maybe have an 'inventory' of certain blocks you can take with you at the start of the level. (for instance i found the shield attack block useless and it was effectively another wall block to keep them at a distance)
i ran into the same glitch with the mine layer as other players in that it would just stop and do nothing, no matter what i did. however i found that if you collapse the game and load it again it would work again for a while.
other than that, addictive as hell. truly good work.
in summary: more space!

A great game to be honest but the inability to at least turn certain blocks off over others and the time it takes to assemble a defense of any kind becomes an issue at higher levels, seriously when I only have enough time to upgrade maybe four blocks to level one before getting swamped with those little gnats it becomes a 'well screw this' point

Really nice concept. Smooth and colourful, yet a bit dark graphics. Fitting and easy controls.

The game tends to be a bit repetitive in the later levels. Block puzzles are not much of an option and seem to cause chaos, since the best strategy is to use one ground tile for only one block type and upgrade them until the last wave.

Like mentioned before, I would love to have a zoom feature. Only realized there was an option to scroll the game until the last level. I also had my miners stop working after some time...they just didn't felt the need to defend my drone anymore (restarting made them work again, at least for a few more stages).

i like it a lot, a lot, but it has problems, the mine cubes stop working, there's graphical glitches when the plasma cube and EM cube shoot
the graphics are gorgeous, the sounds feel good and the game keeps you busy and immersed-

but the difficulty can be downright impossible if you dont get the right upgrades!

TIPS to save you time and nerves:
-try to always get as many stars as possible

- upgrade lasers, freeze ability and healing cubes ASAP
- then do the plasma cube, then the shield ability, use it often
- later on upgrade Gauss, anti-air, EMP (important!), factory
- abilities : EMP, Ray of death, Rocket Storm in that order