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Reviews for "Overhaul"

Too difficult.. But awesome game. Nice graphics and systems.

Great game!! Futuristic and it has anice design!

Great concept, really. But definitely poor testing. You should try to get more volunteer and help you test it! Hell, I would help if you want!

Big problems:

Game is too simple early on, it might be nice to add in a little something to keep us active, there are huuunnnnnndreeeds of way to do this too. Also it wouldn't hurt to make levels bigger as it goes later-- or experiment with it. I enjoyed how you have it, though I could go for a zoom-out option.

No "next wave": There needs to be, in my opinion, a "next wave: Air" type of thing. It feels lazy not to have one, because it just forces us to roll the dice and potentionally have to play a level over not knowing there'd be a huge wave of air on right side when all your AA is on left side.

Later in the game when you get waves from both end, there isn't enough screen. Half way through those levels I have full blocks on both sides and I can't see the enemies. I like how it actually gets hard keeping track of all your blocks (sometimes I'll have like 5 level 1 or even level 2 blocks just hanging around.. OOPS!), that's a plus. But then I can't see any of the action, or even what's coming at me.

At that point you lose all strategy and just try to combine and build as much as possible, hoping both sides are reletively even and you have the right towers in place. On wave 8 of the Abnormal zone someone mentioned ships with shields, but on that level I couldn't even see the ships, I just remembered and placed EMP towers and such according, otherwise I could of been in trouble.

Wall blocks: They really should block splash damage, and maybe even be resistant to it (50% less damage from splash IE the suicide bombers t_t). The normal blocks have so low hp that you need 2 layers of walls (or just empty space) just to prevent you from losing ERRYTHING.

I could give you a lot of con/pros if you want to msg me, otherwise I'll leave it at this and go to bed. xD

Also @people having trouble with Abnormal Zone. I stayed up just to get to that level, because I was hoping for a challenge.. and yes/no.. I guess? It took me a few tries becaus HOLY EFF there's too many air. I tried different tactics before one worked, which was this:

Build all useless blocks early on the left side (obvious) and build your most important towers in low position so they wont (hopefully) die to the bombers. I used Mover every CD I could before and after wave, as you have to reposition blocks depending on luck, like if you get a early level 2 Anti-missile, you want it in the far back, otherwise you need them closer. The plasma/laser is the hardest ones to mess with as their range is really low early, but you need to utilize them. It's a slight challenge figuring out which offensive blocks to place where, but mess with it a bit. The biggest part for me was this: Dropping all useless blocks on the red bombers, try to place several fast, but spread out and land shield on them all. They soak up tons of green ones and then 1-2 red ones each, more if it's a wall block.. obviously. You want to try and drop the blocks and your CDs (freeze, missiles ect) in the back lines, not too much, just enough that your towers are all DPSing but not quite getting overrun. I'm not sure if I explain it well, it really isn't hard, just fiddle with it. A wave or two after is MONTERIOUS ground units.. Use every CD on them and make several low level walls, then shield them and move the walls back before they die, if possible. If you manage to get through the air level without losing any (or much) of your main towers you should be golden here, if you just remember to freeze/shield and such.

I was really sad because after that it's all smooth sailing, notihng remotely hard. I should of screen shot it my left side was completely fill to the end of the screen, I even had a level 0 tower on the edge and it never died, because the waves died instantly. Also Shield spell is really good! Anyway, it was still fun making my first level 5 tower. *clickclick..click..clickclick* Anyway I check more tomorrow. I finish and go to sleep~

3 words; Playtesting Isn't Optional. This is a very good concept and the system seems well designed, but the further into the game you get, the more blocks you unlock, the more luck based the gameplay becomes. frankly I have trouble believing you played Abnormal Zone (that's level 11) even once before you uploaded this

After lvl 4 the mines stopped firing.