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Reviews for "Overhaul"

Loved the game, but I think it might be a little buggy. After a while the mine boxes wouldn't distribute mines, no matter where I put them. Had to use them like a useless block. Had to refresh to get them working again.

Got pretty far into the game. Definitely challenging. Not only does this employ great tower defense mechanics, it makes you actually THINK. Great memory is key to winning this game.

TIP: Max the freeze ability, laser blocks, and healing blocks ASAP. Spam the HELL out of your freeze whenever you can. And remember, if you aren't dropping blocks, you should be dropping bombs!

Superb strategy skills and strong weapons are the key in repelling these hard cored enemies! woooooooohhhhh...... Approaching round number 5!

After the second level it becomes more luck than anything else. Walls become sparse and building a block strong enough that enemies don't break through in seconds is difficult even when upgraded all the way up.

A button to return to the map if losing a level would be a great improvement.

Awesome game dude, my biggest issues are the size of the characters, they make the level look small which probably play a part in why the battles after the second round feels unbalanced.