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Reviews for "Overhaul"

Normally, but this game contains hellish lot of epic glitches! First mouse cursor disappears & don't appears anymore in game screen if first title shows "Settlers" advertisement. Second - if you pressing "RESTART" in game - mine launchers don't shoot until game resetted. Third - projectiles often penetrate enemies & if there was lot of it - stands still in the place, what's totally wrong. Maybe it should be, but why don't implement normal collision?

Ah gewd gewd gewd, ya just match the shapes and off ya go!

Great game. Like the music fits the game well. Love the gameplay think it will do well on mobile platform. Zooming would be a great addition. Later levels are hard but very rewarding.

fantastic game.
a couple of thoughts though.
when you reach the later levels, the play area is far too small for the amount of blocks you have. perhaps expand the playarea as the levels progress or maybe have an 'inventory' of certain blocks you can take with you at the start of the level. (for instance i found the shield attack block useless and it was effectively another wall block to keep them at a distance)
i ran into the same glitch with the mine layer as other players in that it would just stop and do nothing, no matter what i did. however i found that if you collapse the game and load it again it would work again for a while.
other than that, addictive as hell. truly good work.
in summary: more space!

Loved the game, the graphics are pretty cool, and the music too (very good for the game style), I felt a bit confused at the beggining, but it's quite intuitive to learn so after a minute I got everything figured out.

The best thing of this game is that it's soooo addictive! I've gotten to lvl 4 right now, and got some upgrades, love the fact that the type of modules increases gradually as you progress.