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Reviews for "Overhaul"

If you could turn off some off the less used turrets like emp, gauss, or hunter (which is usefull against the big squid hellfire launchers and really only that) it would be better. But, besides that: very clever, takes some actual strategy (unlike some "strategy games"), and is challenging not difficult.

Addicting! Finally beat it! You don't even need all the upgrades (just lasers and heal cubes), you just have the be savy with your freeze and bomb buttons. Great game!

needs better aa and more damage to default turrents by 5%

nice gameplay. i really liked the idea. not to easy (far not) and nice graphics.
unfortunatly there are many really annoying buggs. one disturbing example: in some games the mines don't throw any bombs. of course you don't realize that very early in the game, so i had abbandon the current fight and refresh the page, in order to make use of the mines.. there are - like i said - other buggs as well.
that's why there are only 3.5 stars for a really nice game

Pretty good game aside from the previously mentioned glitches below.
having a survival mode at the end after beating the campaign could make for a good addition