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Reviews for "Overhaul"

Good, but much too hard, i played lvl 3 for 20 minutes, fail, fail, fail. Why is it so hard?

Really unique game, cool twist on tower defense games. However, the strategy gets a little old after a while. I think it could have been five stars easily with some tweaks.

1)Make upgrading the 'towers' a little more strategic. For instance, I would have loved the ability to force certain towers to spawn more frequently. Also allowing you to choose to upgrade either shooting speed or power or health would have been cool. Maybe even make some ultimate reward for fully upgrading it such as allowing a tower to be made after only combining two

2)Use the upgrading of towers to make there be less kinds of towers, maybe only four or something. Then there needs to be the ability to restart all of the upgrading so you could mix and match different upgrades to fit each level

I hope you make a sequel with some of these issues addressed, honestly could be a phenomenal game

Very fun game, knocking off half a star for one reason. It REALLY needs a 'trash' option. A small section where you can drag a block to just get rid of it. I've had it were the screen was almost filled with junk blocks that couldn't help me because I had no choice but to use them or the bar would be filled with them and then couldn't get any good blocks. So an option to just toss them without having to waste space would be nice.

A great game to be honest but the inability to at least turn certain blocks off over others and the time it takes to assemble a defense of any kind becomes an issue at higher levels, seriously when I only have enough time to upgrade maybe four blocks to level one before getting swamped with those little gnats it becomes a 'well screw this' point

Would be a really great game, if not for the fact that we cannot turn of some of the stuff. When I lose not because of lack of skill, but because I don't get the right parts to have ANY defence when the bad guys start moving in, it loses its appeal.