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Reviews for "Overhaul"

Nearly perfect! The game is solid and addictive as hell with a few flaws.
1- The queue for pieces takes too long, especially in the early levels. If you place pieces too fast, you have to sit and wait for new ones to be ready.
2-You really need to add some way to eliminate unwanted pieces.
3-Some more variety in the music would be great!
4-An endurance mode would be perfect for this game- you know, unlimited waves with the goal being to see how far you could get.

Otherwise, you've made an awesome game! Well done, and I hope for a sequel!

Pretty fun and unique I just wish you could turn off the blocks you don't like, other than that great game.

Really nice concept. Smooth and colourful, yet a bit dark graphics. Fitting and easy controls.

The game tends to be a bit repetitive in the later levels. Block puzzles are not much of an option and seem to cause chaos, since the best strategy is to use one ground tile for only one block type and upgrade them until the last wave.

Like mentioned before, I would love to have a zoom feature. Only realized there was an option to scroll the game until the last level. I also had my miners stop working after some time...they just didn't felt the need to defend my drone anymore (restarting made them work again, at least for a few more stages).

Absolutely brilliant game! Amazing gameplay and genuinely challenging invoking precise planning and space management, memory, strategy and constant awareness!

This is hands down one of the best flash games I've played! Seriously challenging with actually a very good learning curve (I thought the game was getting really hard a bit fast, but I actually rarely had to retry a level more than twice and by the last level I had my strategy down to a T and didn't actually sweat it! 5 stars my good man!

Great concept, an interesting blend of genres. Got me hooked! The game also offers a nice twist every once in a while, when you get assaulted from both directions. Didn't complete the first planet yet, I hit a wall in the "Abnormal" zone. I'll come back for more later...

Some critique:
- I would appreciate a wider, zoomed out view. Through the later levels, most of the action ended up happening outside the screen. I had no idea which enemies were coming (excepy by the sound) nor what I was doing right or wrong. I just kept stacking. Would be nice to have a bit more room horizontally, overall. The game felt cramped at times.
- At one point, the Miners seemed to stop working. They just weren't launching any mines, regardless of their position. Same seemed to happen with some of the newer blocks too, but I couldn't be sure. I was still able to complete the levels.
- I think I figured out how to survive the first assault in the Abnormal Zone: SPOILER: you can drop blocks straight onto the flying aliens, they'll blow themselves up attacking the blocks. But I still couldn't complete it, because the assault left me in too bad shape for the next wave. Too hard? At least for me!