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Reviews for "Overhaul"

i like it a lot, a lot, but it has problems, the mine cubes stop working, there's graphical glitches when the plasma cube and EM cube shoot
the graphics are gorgeous, the sounds feel good and the game keeps you busy and immersed-

but the difficulty can be downright impossible if you dont get the right upgrades!

TIPS to save you time and nerves:
-try to always get as many stars as possible

- upgrade lasers, freeze ability and healing cubes ASAP
- then do the plasma cube, then the shield ability, use it often
- later on upgrade Gauss, anti-air, EMP (important!), factory
- abilities : EMP, Ray of death, Rocket Storm in that order

awsume game !

Addicting and very fun

not a bad game there is a new bug tho.
After upgrade on the mine blocks (pink with orange square light) they stop planting mines
and fail to work making the game a hell lot harder considering the slow speed u get blocks.
You need to be able to get blocks faster you cant build/heal as fast as your stuff gets ripped down.
Rated 3.5 due to the bug stopping you getting very far into the game.

Excellent game.