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Reviews for "Overhaul"

I want to like this game; I'm always happy to see those alchemist mechanics being used again. The thing is, it just didn't seem like there was much strategy. I just put each type of module in its own column, as fast as I could...and that was that. It might have been better if there were more wrinkles to it. Maybe modules would drop down automatically at some points to mess up your patterns and make you think?

The two sides at once sections, while on the surface a fun challenge, makes it very difficult for me as a casual player to get past the half way point. Being unable to get the high powered systems up before they get swarmed.

I would have loved an unlimited mode or something similar, but I enjoyed it thus far.

good graphix, good concept. a little bit similar on kings guard)

There really is nothing wrong about this game. It's fun to play and pretty original in how it mixes puzzles and strategy.

= Command and conquer Tetris?