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Reviews for "Overhaul"

absolutely terrible difficulty balance.... everything else is fine except the '' low random ratio'' of some block (laser for example) 2/5 stars and 3 sub rating

I liked the theme and the graphics and the little story to repair the ship. I really liked the idea with the towers. Don't really see how its like tetris. The music is good, gives it a "strange world" kind of feeling. Upgrades are a bit simple but ok.

What I didn't like was when I got so far just to have everything destoyed so easily. The difficulty was completely random. One wave would be mostly ground and I wouldn't even get scratched, then came a round with just swarms of air that destroyed all my weak and moderate towers. Even with healing towers they where gone in a blink of an eye. Some towers wouldn't even shoot and why do the modules that are level 1 not fire at all? They are just vulnerable pieces of crap until upgraded.

I would like to see a bigger area and towers with more range and hp, it would counter the horrible difficulty. It would give players more time to see what coming and perhaps change how the towers are layed out and the hp is just very needed. Or rework the difficulty into an escalating flow instead of random. Maybe some better upgrades and powers. Some variety in each tower itself, like maybe a mine tower that can be made into a anti air mine tower that shoots mines into the air and they hover?

I really liked this and I was dissapointed when it all went to hell so easily.

While I really enjoyed the concept, and had a lot of fun with it, I'm with Sin-Crow that the difficulty curve jumped exponentially in Abnormal Zone. The huge swarm of suicide bots will wreck whatever you have at that point, which means you'll be scrambling your defenses to catch up.

Waves 7 and 8 are also extremely hard due to the sheer amount of missiles heading your way. Even with anti-missile bocks, anti-air blocks, all shielded, and throwing in what offensive/freezes you can, the flying units will still shred through your defenses faster than you can build them. And not even making sacrifice blocks will help you because they'll occasionally launch a few missiles at your base anyway. And this is all compounded by the fact that you have to defend two separate sides.

Overall, fun experience until Abnormal Zone; when it just hits aggravating and unfun. In my opinion, that level needs to be drastically tuned down as it seems on the level of "Did Not Playtest" difficulty.

All in all, it's fairly fun. Interesting take on Tower Defense, but.. The difficulty varies TERRIFYINGLY, since it all boils down to what blocks the game 'decides' to give you. ESPECIALLY in Abnormal Zone. Unless I'm getting Lasers or Anti-Airs, the ship gets swarmed, no MATTER how many times I freeze/rocket-storm them. So, 3/5. Fun, but can be a little aggrevating at times.

Please fix the glitch that makes the mine block stop shooting mines out.