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Reviews for "Oh My Goodness"

you would be surprised how many times my cat stand on two paws and talk but since SHE is a female cat she does not say ''im the man'' and since she is a mexican fat cat when she figths stray cats she say something like ''pinche gato puto'' or sumting like that

Sherbalex responds:

hahaha well alrighty

I ask you to stare at a cat for about 7 hours, and watch how the tail relates to posture.
That cat needs to get bigger cat balls before he'd be a man.

Sherbalex responds:

i ask you to stare at a cat for 7 hours and see how often it talks and stands on two paws.

I thought it was funny and the randomness of the items was good my only problem is the hang up between some of his words and his actions. other than that wonderful good on you!

Haha that was funny. like when there was the skull haha make more!

wow that didnt just blow me, it also blew my mind